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The tools and information you need to buy, sell, trade, invest, and spend cryptocurrencies

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Account opening process

Email address registration

First, please register your email address and password.

Account opening application

Next, in order to open an account, you will be asked to enter customer information and upload an image of your authentication document.

start trading

You can start trading after being reviewed by our company.
*"Postal identity verification" requires the input of the "Identity Verification Code" in the "Account Opening Completion Notice" sent by the company's registered mail.

The following conditions must be met to open an account.

● adult

● as a US resident

● Does not apply to foreign politicians

● Nothing to do with anti-social forces

● We can contact you anytime

● Register up-to-date customer information (cannot ship to forwarder destinations)

● Meet other standards set by the company

Frequently Asked Questions About Account Opening


Please tell me the authentication document that can be used for "Easy Verification via Smartphone".


American citizenship——driving license,my number card
foreign citizen——Special Permanent Resident Certificate
For other identification documents, Easy Verification with Smartphone cannot be used. Please select "Postal Identity Verification".


When will I know the test results?


Depending on the method of submitting the authentication type, the time until the results are checked will vary.
In the case of Easy Verification by Smartphone: After submitting the identity verification documents, we will contact you by email as soon as the next business day.
In the case of "Mail ID": We will usually contact you by email within a week or so after submitting your ID.
Also, it may take longer than usual due to the status of the application, the status of our company's review, and the incomplete identification documents sent. Please apply in advance to allow ample time.