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What is a physical transaction?

Cryptocurrency (virtual currency) physical transactions are transactions where you actually buy cryptoassets or sell your cryptoassets.
In order to sell, you need to own the crypto asset in advance. Therefore, physical transactions must begin with a purchase transaction of a cryptoasset.
In general, you can make purchases by paying fiat currencies such as dollar or U.S. dollars as consideration, but you cannot buy crypto assets beyond the funds you have.

There are two ways to buy and sell crypto assets in a physical exchange.
"Sales Office" transactions and "Exchange" transactions.

A "sales office" transaction is a purchase transaction at the bid price offered by the company or a sale transaction at the ask price.
Except for sudden market changes, you can basically buy or sell at the price we offer.

"Exchange" trading is a way of trading between market participants.

A participant provides the price and quantity they want to buy or sell, and another participant wants to sell or buy the transaction at the value shown.