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The tools and information you need to buy, sell, trade, invest, and spend cryptocurrencies

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How to order in a business office

To place an order, you need to enter the "Order Quantity" and "Order Price", then enter the transaction password. If you choose "Partial Execution", you can change the order so that even partial execution will complete (contract).

order price

The order price can be selected from "Market" and "Price Specification".
A "market order" is an order for you to buy or sell without specifying a price and will be executed if it is within +5% of the ask price and -5% of the ask price.
Buying a market order requires 1.05x the pending crypto asset purchase volume. Depending on market conditions, the transaction may not be completed.
A "specified price order" is an order that suits you to buy or sell at any price, executed when it is more favorable than the specified price, and not executed when it is unfavorable.

Partial execution

Under normal circumstances, if the quantity entered in the order quantity is all filled, it will be filled, and if it is not filled, it will be invalid.
If you select "Partial Execution", the amount that can be executed will be executed and the remaining uncontracted amount will be forfeited.

Purchasing power and crypto assets required for the order

We use a prepayment system, you need to pay in advance when you place an order.