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The tools and information you need to buy, sell, trade, invest, and spend cryptocurrencies

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mobile mode

A trading application that even beginners can use easily

●You can see your current profit and loss at a glance
●Smart design and English support allow you to trade easily
●In pursuit of an easy-to-understand operation screen, you can smoothly perform physical/margin trading.
●Easy access to essential functions such as account management, buying and selling, depositing/transferring, notifying customers and more.

mobile mode

PC version of the trading tool, easy to use even for beginners

●You can trade from your PC or smartphone
●It has a simple screen for intuitive operation!
●Crypto asset prices and own assets are easy to view and understand on the home screen


Professional customizable PC trading tool

●Information required for trading such as order function and high-performance charts is aggregated on one screen.
●You can freely arrange the screen layout according to your trading style! You can save the created layout
●Comprehensive chart analysis is possible


VCTRADE SP is the official crypto asset trading application provided by SBI Coin. Both sales offices and exchanges can be accessed through one app.

●Easily trade anytime, anywhere
●Intelligent design in pursuit of understandability
●Equipped with 9 high-performance technical charts
●SBI Coin's Strong Security Guarantee


VCTRADE Pro is a slab cryptocurrency exchange provided by SBI VC Trade. On an exchange, unlike a sales office that simply buys and sells crypto assets, you can trade via limit orders while viewing the order book (quotes) that change over time. VCTRADE Pro has no transaction fees. We have prepared various environments that can be used safely and comfortably, such as mechanisms to prevent fraud that can only be achieved by SBI Coin, and offer attractive trading opportunities.


VCTRADE is an easy-to-understand and friendly sales office, even for those new to crypto asset trading. When trading, you can view the current price and place an order to buy or sell, or you can view the price action of a cryptoasset to date on a chart. If you own crypto assets, you can also view current valuation gains and losses and remaining purchases.