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Cyber ​​attack and internal crime countermeasures

Strengthening anti-phishing measures by adopting EV SSL certificates

Our site makes it extremely difficult to try to obtain an SSL server certificate by pretending to be our company by EV SSL certification issued by the strict examination standard of the world.

Countermeasures against cyber attacks

We believe that cyber attacks on our site can occur at any time, and we are actively investing in all possible defense measures so that our customers can trade with peace of mind. increase.

Countermeasures against internal crimes

We take necessary monitoring and system measures to prevent fraud by humans inside our company.

Cryptocurrency anti-theft measures

Store crypto assets in cold wallet

Except for crypto assets that require immediate transfer of funds, we store them in a cold wallet that does not connect to the external Internet.

Manage private keys with multi-signature

For the private key of cryptographic assets, we have adopted a multi-signature address that assigns multiple private keys to one address based on our management standards.

High-strength password authentication

To use our service, you need to use two types of half-width English, large and small number symbols, 8 characters or more, and set a strong password. In addition, you will need a transaction password that is separate from your login password for transactions.

Protection against unauthorized login by round-robin

If you repeatedly fail to log in, you will be locked for a certain period of time and you will not be able to log in.

Appropriate management

Management based on advanced standards

We have established a management system with advanced standards for AML (AntiMoney Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer).

Identity verification using identity verification documents

To open an account, we ask you to submit your identity verification documents (driver's license, etc.) and we will verify your identity.

Deposit / withdrawal to the account in the name of the person

Accounts that can be used for deposits and withdrawals are limited to those in the name of the individual.

Blocking antisocial forces

If there is a suspicion of antisocial forces or asset freeze, we will block the holding of our account.

Separate management to protect assets

The dollar assets entrusted to us by our customers and the crypto assets of our customers will be managed separately from our assets.

Separate management of dollar assets

Deposits from customers will be managed separately from our assets in a separate account.

Cryptocurrency assets Separate management of assets

Cryptocurrency assets of customers Assets will be managed separately from our assets in a wallet dedicated to customers.

Two-factor authentication

In order to improve the security at the time of login, we have introduced two-factor authentication by Google Authenticator (Google authentication system).

How to set up two-factor authentication This page Please confirm.