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About service integration

The old VCTRADE service and the new VCTRADE service will be integrated into the new VCTRADE service on June 30, 2022.

For customers who do not have a new VCTRADE account as of the end of May, we will open a customer account with the new VCTRADE at the end of June.
Please be assured that the balance of your old VCTRADE account will be automatically transferred to your new VCTRADE account.

Prior to the service integration at the end of June, customers who wish to make transactions with the new VCTRADE can use the "Easy account opening" and "Cryptocurrency asset transfer" functions to move to the new VCTRADE. Please proceed with the transfer procedure.

For customers who have crypto assets in the old VCTRADE

Customers who have crypto assets in the old VCTRADE can transfer crypto assets to the new VCTRADE account by using the "cryptocurrency transfer function" after opening a new VCTRADE account.
By transferring, you can use crypto assets for transactions within the new VCTRADE, and you can also issue them to any wallet.
To use the crypto asset transfer function, please log in to the old VCTRADE and proceed from the "Deposit / Withdrawal"> "Withdrawal" menu.
* Easy account opening application function / crypto asset transfer function release notice

Cryptocurrency physical exchange trading (board trading) service

We are planning to release the new VCTRADE service in June of this year for the exchange trading (board trading) service of crypto assets in kind.

About the termination of the old VCTRADE service

* The services currently provided by the former VCTRADE will be terminated in sequence according to the following schedule.
-VCTRADE (sales office): June 30, 2022 (Thursday)
-VCTRADE Pro (exchange): June 30, 2022 (Thursday)
-VCTRADE SP (smartphone app): Thursday, June 30, 2022

Customer Center Integration

The old VCTRADE Customer Center will be integrated into the new VCTRADE Customer Center on Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 17:00.
Please use the following inquiries after the integration.